SMP Anak Terang Salatiga was formed in year 2013 in order to fulfill the vision of Bethany Church in Salatiga along with Yayasan Anak Terang Indonesia (YATI) about continuity in the field of education. Startrting  off the first two years by moving within two different buildings, SMP Anak Terang were still able to focus on educating the pupils based on God’s word and clinching several prominent achivements in Salatiga or even in Central Java.

By the year 2016, SMP Anak Terang Salatiga succeeded to have the first batch of graduates with went on to continue their study in various reputable senior high schools. Up until today, SMP Anak Terang Salatiga has already graduated 57 markable students who are ready to glorify the name of The Lord in everthing they accomplish. As of now, SMP Anak Terang Salatiga has 66 other incredible students ready to make positive impacts out there.

SMP Anak Terang Salatiga is always keep on improving from the facilities, human resource, curriculum, also activities and program, all will be designed to answer the needs of the students to face the recent issues in the real world based on Christian faith.

For all  of this, we would like to praise The Lord and thank Him. Through His words, we get the wisdom we need to act in everthing that SMP Anak Terang Salatiga is planning and doing, because without Him, we are all nothing.

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  • Jl. Kalipengging No 4A, Salatiga-Jawa Tengah
  • (0298) 324177
  • info@bethany.sch.id
  • Jl. Jendral Sudirman No.105B, Salatiga-Jawa Tengah
  • (0298) 327009
  • info@anakterang.sch.id