Bethany Elementary School was established in 2006 as the continuance of Pre School. Having only several small rooms behind Bethany Church building shared with the pre-school students, several sets of play tools and minimum class facilities. The class’ capacity was only for 15 students. The curriculum is a modified curriculum delivered in English.

Actually, the foundation did not plan to establish Elementary School. However, the students’ parents wanted the Elementary school to be opened so that their children could continue their education.

At that time, all facilities were not ready so the church lent one room to accommodate the students in teaching learning process. From this only room, Bethany Elementary School started with ’only’ 16 students. However, because of our God’s mercy, Bethany Elementary School is improving.  Up until now, we have 12 classes in Elementary school with 198 students.

Looking back to Bethany school history, it needs to be acknowledged that all achievements are because of God’s hand and all stakeholders’ effort; teachers, parents and of course the students themselves. It is true what God says: “There is nothing impossible for God and nothing impossible for people who believe in Him.”

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