Curriculum KB TK Bethany School is compiled with carrying the Christian values as the basisc to develop the character of the students. The application of the values is applied through everyday activites when the students are playing and learning a in KB TK Bethany School. KB TK Bethany School is having a good  partnership with Governments where 2013 curriculum also has been developed based on vision and mission of  KB TK Bethany School.

In managing the fun, creative, and participatory activities, KB TK Bethany School conducts Area Learning Model , where learning is designed to full fill the specific needs of the child and respect for cultural diversity.

Area Learning Model  includes three main pillars, namely: constructive, based on the learner ability and progressive education.  Area Learning Model using the 10 areas, namely: religion area, block area, language area, drama area, mathematic area, science area, art and motorist skill area, music, reading and writing area. In teaching learning process, teachers prepare 4 areas to be opened. Students can choose activities in areas, even the students are allowed to do all the activities that are already prepared at the time.   KB TK Bethany School also introduces the Letter Land in reading and writing  English. Introduction of reading and writing in Bahasa Indonesia is being held in different part of teaching learning process. Reading and writing in Bahasa Indonesia is for 5-6 years learners.

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